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Empowering Young Minds for In-Person & Online Safety

Welcome to MBTTT – a Nonprofit Organization where we equip children with the knowledge and skills to identify and avoid online dangers. Our unique, child-friendly approach transforms complex safety concepts into understandable, actionable wisdom. Together, we can create a safer digital world for our kids.


Protecting Our Children in Person And From The Digital World

We take a wholesome engaging, interactive approach that leaves parents and kids feeling empowered and enlightened. A new kind of safety method that has kids feeling like mini experts on how to profile for danger before it shows up! Parents and guardians can rest assured you no longer have to helicopter and stay ahead of every single peice of technology that comes with hidden chat rooms and tons of open access to your vulnerable children. Leave the worry to us while staying informed and up to date about what it is that predators go after even offline.

Understanding the Online Threat

The digital age brings with it new challenges in protecting our children. At MBTTT, we shed light on the startling realities of online dangers and offer proactive solutions to keep our young ones safe. Knowledge is power, and understanding these threats is the first step in effective prevention.

1 in 3

One in three children has experienced cyberbullying. This not only affects their online experience but also has profound real-world consequences on their mental health and wellbeing. MBTTT is committed to educating children and parents on recognizing and responding to such cyber threats.

Just in 30 min

Within just 30 minutes of online interaction, a child can be exposed to inappropriate content or contact by predators. Our program teaches quick recognition and reaction skills to minimize these risks, ensuring a safer online journey for every child.


50% of online predators pretend to be children to gain trust. MBTTT's educational tools help kids discern online personas, teaching them to navigate digital conversations with caution and awareness.

It only takes 30 min for a predator to convince your child

In today's connected world, the risk of encountering online predators is alarmingly high, and it can take as little as 30 minutes for a predator to gain a child's trust. This startling reality underscores the need for vigilance and education. MBTTT provides essential tools and guidance to help parents and children understand these risks and how to navigate them safely. Our strategies are designed not to instill fear, but to empower and inform, fostering a safe and healthy digital environment for our young ones.

“YOU OWE ME 1 PIC” is the exact words predators use in gaming and online. Teach your child that when they see these words appear that is confirmation you are talking to evil.

News & Updates from NNECA

When a child tells you they feel uncomfortable around someone, Pay Attention

Sometimes kids find it hard to talk about things like abuse. But it's important for us grown-ups to step in. Did you know that more than 9 out of 10 times, abuse happens by someone known to the child or the family? If you're worried about how someone is behaving around a child or if they're secretive online, acting fast can stop abuse before it happens. If you suspect someone might be hurting a child, talk to the police or reach out confidentially to the Helplines below. For easy-to-understand info on preventing child abuse, visit our websites.

Why MBTTT for Your Children?

In today's digital world, our children are exposed to a myriad of complex issues earlier than ever before. Questions about sexting, the origins of babies, or the concept of virginity can catch us, as parents, off-guard, especially when they come from children as young as three or four. While we might appear calm, internally, we're often filled with anxiety and shock, unprepared for such moments. You might also wonder how your child encountered these topics.

This is where MBTTT steps in. We've developed a program to educate children about these sensitive subjects in a wholesome manner, preparing you for these inevitable questions. In an era dominated by technology, it's a constant challenge to safeguard what children might find or be shown online.

As parents, we often feel limited to two choices: avoiding these uncomfortable conversations and letting technology inadvertently educate our children, or proactively addressing these topics. With MBTTT, you can confidently choose the latter, ensuring your child receives the right information before technology misguides them.

Remember, we never get a second chance to make a first impression. If a child's first exposure to concepts of intimacy is inappropriate or pornographic, it can have lasting negative impacts. Wouldn't you prefer that they learn from a like-minded parent or a program like MBTTT, gently delivering the message before they encounter misinformation?

In the first responder community, there's a saying: a plan at 80% effectiveness, implemented promptly, is better than a perfect plan that arrives too late. This applies to parenting in the digital age as well. Even if you don't feel entirely ready, providing your child with some guidance is better than leaving them unprepared, a vulnerability that predators exploit.

Gift your child the advantage of knowledge. Bring our program to your local organization today.

For more information on how to book MBTTT, please contact us at [email protected].

Safe Surfing: Empowering Kids Online

Empower your child to explore the internet with confidence and safety. MBTTT equips young minds with the knowledge and tools needed for secure online experiences, fostering responsible digital citizenship.

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