Our Goals

Our Goals

At My Body Tells The Truth (MBTTT), we are dedicated to creating a safer digital world for children by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to identify and avoid online dangers. Your generous donations play a crucial role in supporting our mission. Here's how we plan to utilize the funds:

Billboards and Posters

We aim to raise awareness on a broader scale by strategically placing billboards in key locations and distributing informative posters. These materials will serve as powerful tools to educate both parents and children about online safety.

Prevention Video Game

Embracing technology for good, we intend to develop an engaging and educational prevention video game. This interactive tool will provide children with a hands-on experience, teaching them how to navigate the digital landscape safely while having fun.

T-Shirts and Merchandise

We believe in the power of spreading awareness through wearable items. Funds will be allocated to designing and producing T-shirts and other merchandise that not only promote the cause but also serve as conversation starters, encouraging discussions about online safety.

By supporting MBTTT, you are contributing to a comprehensive approach to in-person and online safety. Together, we can empower children, educate parents, and create an environment where our kids can thrive without unnecessary risks. Thank you for being a part of this important mission.

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