Meet The Team

Colleen Murphy

Founder of MBTTT

Colleen possesses a wealth of life experiences dedicated to preserving innocence by safeguarding children and equipping them with essential knowledge. Recognizing the importance of addressing malevolence in our modern world of technology and societal challenges, she is passionate about restoring pure, wholesome rights to every child.

Colleen's career journey began as a hairstylist 24 years ago, during which her role extended far beyond the salon chair. The salon industry provided a unique network and opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Over time, Colleen discovered that her clients often shared their most painful childhood memories, revealing the enduring impact on their lives. This revelation fueled her determination to make a meaningful difference and protect children from the hidden cycle of abuse that has persisted for decades.

Supported by a dedicated team, Colleen envisions a future where children are empowered to distinguish between those who can help and those who intend harm. She ardently believes that children should feel confident in identifying protectors and healers, even amidst pain, by listening to their body signals.

With 20 years of marriage to a firefighter and two healthy children, Colleen draws from her diverse background working in the public sector and living within the first responder community. Her profound empathy led to the creation of MBTTT, a program that mirrors her unique journey and her unwavering dedication to protecting children. She firmly believes that children have the right to speak out and seek safety whenever their bodies signal them to do so.

"My Body Tells The Truth" marks the inception of empowering children to discover their inner strength and seek safety whenever they deem it necessary. Colleen's goal is to see this generation become its own advocate and to normalize this type of education for future generations. MBTTT alleviates the burdens of fear and emotional pain while ensuring that every child understands and engages in a creative, fun lesson plan, leaving them feeling uplifted and strong in their environment. It represents a new kind of DARE program, proven to arm kids against the danger of predators they might encounter if left unaware.

Scott Runge

Hello, my name is Scott Runge. I’m a Tri-Cities, WA native who has worked for the Benton County Sheriff’s Office for the last 20 + years. I’m a 3rd Generation Police Officer and grew up around the field of law enforcement since I was a kid.

After I graduated high school, I joined the U.S. Army to become a Military Police Officer. It’s sounds bad but I was in the military during the late 1900’s. I’m that old! Smh.

Anyways, I served as a Garrison Police Officer and Combat MP, primarily at the 204th Military Police Company in Fort Polk, LA. I did a deployment to Soto Cano, AB in 1999.

It was an interesting time in my life, full of complexity but also a time where I met some of the greatest people and friends. I will cherish it always. Go Blade Runners!

After the Army, I returned home and was unsure of what to do, because giving an 18 year old a gun and law enforcement authority is a HORRIBLE idea (not mentally mature enough to deal the complicated stress of it).

I became a Corrections Officer at the Benton County Jail in 2001. I loved my job there. I had various assignments like Field Training Officer, Emergency Response Team, Pepper Spray and Pepper Ball Instructor and I was a Classification and Disciplinary Officer.

After 4 1/2 years though, I decided a life of confinement wasn’t for me and I heard that cops made way more money and retired much earlier. So I made the mature decision to test to become a cop.

In April of 2006, I became a Benton County Deputy. Class of 598!!

I knew quickly during my duties as a Patrol Deputy that writing tickets and getting DUI’s is NOT where I belonged and after 4 years of patrol, I tested for Major Crimes Detective.

In 2010 I became a Detective and got to work with some of the greatest Detectives in the world (in my humble opinion). There I worked Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Burglary, Kidnapping and a ton of Child Sex crimes. I would approximate that 60 to 70% of my caseload was Child Sex crimes. This is where I found my ultimate calling and felt pressed to go above and beyond helping kids.

Kellie Devereaux


Kellie has over 23 years in nursing experience. She is passionate about helping children and safeguarding them through some of the most traumatic circumstances that come into a hospital setting. Kellie has been responsible for completing comprehensive care for pediatric patients who are victims of sexual abuse.

She is compassionate and empathetic in such a way that her actions speak volumes to any children who have been in her presence. Kellie has a niche for speaking directly to a child’s heart and she goes above and beyond her call of duty to be sure kids feel secure and valued in her presence.

When Kellie is not working, you will find her traveling, spending time with her favorite adopted Boxer “Lucy” and spoiling the heck out of her grandbaby. The MBTTT team is lucky to have such a valuable member who so generously shared her knowledge and experience behind the scenes of what children in the ER all too often must endure.

Kellie played a significant role in helping to support the program we developed by adding and editing what she felt was necessary in the way of prevention for kids everywhere. MBTTT is proud to have members like Kellie who are highly skilled individuals with firsthand experience at guiding victims through the aftermath of sexual abuse trauma.

Mike and Annie Duke

Founders of Henry M. Duke Publishing

Meet Mike and Annie Duke, the creative minds behind Henry M. Duke Publishing. Their journey started in Chicago, but now they find their inspiration in the natural beauty of Honolulu, Hawaii.

At Henry M. Duke Publishing, their mission is simple: craft enchanting coloring books, engaging activity books, captivating children's literature, and beautifully designed notebooks, all meant to touch your soul and ignite your creativity.

Their recent partnership with Colleen Murphy, the founder of My Body Tells The Truth (MBTTT), has sparked a collaborative spirit. MBTTT empowers children to tune into their feelings and instincts, arming them with the skills to navigate life's challenges and stay safe.

They're thrilled to share their creative works and hope that these publications bring inspiration and joy to your daily life. Take a look through their collection and join them on this journey of artistic expression, education, and protection.

Cyndi Bennett, MBA, M.ED., CTRC

Cyndi has served as a Mental Health Champion for the Bank's Disability Action Network for the past five years. Cyndi is the Founder and Owner of Cyndi Bennett Consulting LLC, which provides career coaching for trauma survivor. As a childhood sexual abuse and trauma survivor, Cyndi passionately advocates for prevention and healing services through her blogs, public speaking, and consultation services.

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